Feb 24, 2015

Black Swan

 photo DSC_0136_zps337ec25f.jpg

All black with a touch of gold

Excuse me if I don't have anything fashionable to say today, but after the Oscars I'm still in a movie mood. Well, I'm a huge movie fan- if I can (if I have the time) I will watch every beautiful movie that exists. The previous years I used to make articles with the best dressed celebrities at the Oscars, but this year, I will skip that and just share a little opinion about the "The best movie".

Feb 21, 2015

Top 10 Prettiest Fashion Blogger Faces

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The most beautiful fashion bloggers
Beauty is one of the many factors a successful fashion blogger can have. It’s not obligatory to be beautiful in order to be a fashion and style icon, more important qualities are- charm, flawless personal style, originality and innovative mind. But, as a beauty lover, I’ve decided to create this article in order to show you the prettiest blogger faces in my opinion. Of corse everyone has a different point of view about beauty, but I hope you like my top 10.

Feb 15, 2015

Only B&W

 photo DSC_0095_zps00f866c3.jpg

The best classic combination

The contrast between black and white always makes a fashionable statement, no matter in what style you're dressing. This chic rock outfit is perfect for a casual night out for example. Or if you like looking sexy at day as well, it's a good decision.

Feb 11, 2015

Mint Pastel Coat

 photo DSC_0294_zpsf6ooqlv1.jpg

Spring wanted

I fell in love from a first sight when I saw this coat- and as soon as I tried it on, there were like 3 different people in the shop who came to me and told me "this coat looks fantastic on you". And that was exactly what I was thinking, so I had to buy it. I love wearing colorful coats, in contrast with the cold dark winter. I have to confess that it's really fresh when you see someone with such nice color on the streets.

Feb 9, 2015

8 Exciting Valentine's Day Presents You Should Gift... Yourself!

 photo 182751_1557701814747_1001306476_31130168_5128985_n_zpsgwu8jzn0.jpg

Happily ever after

Valentine's Day is super close and I’m sharing with you some really exciting ideas for gifts that you can buy and then receive or just things to do by yourself or with fiends. I’ve decided to dedicate this article to all of you who are single or their loved one is away or for any other reason won’t have the typical Valentine's day cliché date. Moreover, this year Valentines day is Saturday and you would propbably have free time to do some of the things I’m going to propose you. And eventually, Valentine's day is when you spoil your loved one, and you have to love yourself, so it’s totally ok to celebrate.

Feb 7, 2015

Look Du Jour

 photo DSC_0263_zpshg8tu9ad.jpg

A colorful dress

I found this dress while I was on my trip to London, in Topshop. It's one of those dresses that you take to the changing room just to try on with the other clothes that you already liked more, and at the end this one looks much better on you that you thought and you end up buying it. This happens to me often, how about you?

Feb 6, 2015

Guide For The Modern Bride

 photo 10970457_1_zpsba493e65.jpg

Fairy wedding dresses

This article is for all of you who are going to have this special event in their lives- the wedding and also for all of you who just like staring at beautiful dresses. When it comes to special occasions, we always want to choose the perfect outfit in order to take the attention of everyone. We usually look good when we feel good and that's why it is really important that the dress must be beautiful but also comfortable in the same time. In this article, I'm going to show you the beautiful bridal dresses of Weddingshe.com to give you some fresh and fashionable ideas. Going shopping for such dress can be really exhausting and stressful, sometimes you have to walk around shops with hours. Now, you have much easier options with the online shops.

Feb 3, 2015

The Butterfly Effect

 photo DSC_0032_zpsfad56d8f.jpg

A happy blouse

Those blue butterflies make the outfit more playful, perfect for the Spring. I found this blouse while I was in England and it's really comfortable, because it's 100% cotton and the material is just perfection. I've decided to combine the butterflies with this leather skirt, that way for sure, I can escape from the risk of looking "too cute", in a way that little girls do. Finishing the outfit with the perfect pair of blue sharp shoes- ah I love them!

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