Aug 29, 2014

Piazza Venezia

 photo DSC_0141_zpscfa13e15.jpg
Focus on: Beautiful Rome!
Here's the great photoshoot we did in ancient Rome! I remember the very first time I saw Piazza Venezia, I was so amazed just stared at this huge white monument and I couldn't believe my eyes! I've always wanted to go back and take photos there with some beautiful dress and heels. I found this dress in a small local shop in Italy and can you believe guys that it costs 10 euros! It looks wonderful I think and it was the perfect dress for this beautiful place, what do you think? 
Ok, no more words needed, just enjoy the spectacular Piazza Venezia!

 photo DSC_0317_zps128f9abb.jpg
 photo DSC_0217_zps1931fee9.jpg
 photo DSC_0186_zps576edba1.jpg
 photo DSC_0250_zpsf5ac6f8a.jpg
 photo DSC_0138_zps50fc78e4.jpg  photo DSC_0130_zpsd16351be.jpg  photo DSC_0208_zps6b595b24.jpg  photo DSC_0196_zps5304a1f7.jpg  photo DSC_0177_zps12758718.jpg  photo DSC_0326_zps32e3f908.jpg
dress- Italy local shop;
shoes- Valentino;
sunglasses- Moschino; 

Aug 28, 2014

White Homecoming Dresses

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-28at93425AM_zps27ac0eff.png
Focus on: White dress for your special occasion
When it comes to special occasions we always want to choose the best outfit that will take the attention of everyone! In this post I'm showing you the magnificent white homecoming dresses of in order to give you some fresh and fashionable ideas for your homecoming or any other special occasion you have. Going shopping for the perfect dress can be really exhausting and takes a lot of time. But fortunately, now we have so much online shops offering such an amazing dresses that we can chose sitting comfortably at home! 

White is the purest color and a gorgeous white dress can always impress! The details- sequins, crystals and so on- look perfect on a white dress. I'm showing you long and short dresses, because they can both look super elegant and beautiful, depends on how you feel more comfortable and what are you a fan of. I personally, for special occasions, choose long dresses, because I like them very much and I always take every chance to wear an elegant long dress. Anyway, if you prefer a classy white dress, there's a huge variety of them too. Important is to feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful and I'm sure that with these wonderful dresses you will feel so!

Take a look at my favorite white homecoming dresses !

 photo 10885637_1_zpsff673e21.jpg
 photo 10886230_1_zps88ca4725.jpg
 photo 10886084_1_zpsebe22709.jpg
 photo 10884985_1_zpscdc137f0.jpg
 photo 10884463_1_zpsf75c53cd.jpg
 photo 10885897_1_zpsb75a33f5.jpg
 photo 10886192_1_zps287eeb27.jpg
 photo 10885874_1_zps8a53a04c.jpg
 photo 10885876_1_zpsabd92f76.jpg
 photo 10885942_1_zps8879cb3d.jpg
 photo 10884606_1_zps11b73ea2.jpg
 photo 10886009_1_zps7917975c.jpg

Aug 27, 2014

Beaches In Italy

 photo 10481166_10203714237449542_5825816038311042968_n_zps075fe7f2.jpg
Focus on: Days on the beach
I came back from my vacation in Italy one week ago and I already miss the seaside! These photos I'm showing you today, we shoot on a wild beach at the Adriatic sea. I totally loved this place, it's so specific and beautiful and the water was so crystal and transparent. I really love exploring nature and moreover beaches- give me a beautiful beach and will be pleased and happy!

Actually, this day we went to three different beaches and all of them were really nice, but I liked this one the most for the pictures, the rocks inside the transparent water make this place really charming and special. Anyway, I'm not going to miss the beach for too long as tomorrow I'm leaving for the seaside again! We're going to celebrate my cousin's bachelorette party and it's going to be a great time for sure! 20 girls on the seaside can never go wrong!

 photo 10544776_10203714236169510_5440072414889817215_n_zps02eb114c.jpg  photo 10411011_10203714240889628_3734525508175960572_n_zps47f43201.jpg  photo 10565105_10203714233089433_1220224244584701697_n_zps0f208b1f.jpg  photo 10574244_10203714233889453_2829423470333780156_n_zps8934eb7e.jpg  photo 12506_10203714231889403_7277030517190690390_n_zps93cf2b6e.jpg  photo 1902830_10203714223769200_2615495490718476750_n_zps5f7b5f71.jpg  photo 10449952_10203714226249262_5303940015728680199_n_zps8539be14.jpg  photo 1521708_10203714238529569_426593909724535587_n_zpsf08fa806.jpg  photo 10409666_10203714240049607_3220641533616912921_n_zpsf3a35eaa.jpg  photo 1932246_10203714228889328_176634686778952221_n_zpsfcde38aa.jpg  photo 10485843_10203714245209736_2908127886132135501_n_zps7a722704.jpg
swimsuit- H&M;
top- Mango;
sunglasses- Celine;

Aug 25, 2014

The 5 Best Dressed Celebrities And Bloggers (18.08-24.08)

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-24at55122PM_zps2fb6ad3e.png

Focus on: The 5 best dressed celebrities and bloggers for the past week
Hey guys, it's Monday- new week, new tasks and new adventures! Here on Marta's Fashion Diary we're going to start  every new week with our new rubric, which I'm going to tell you more about, now! The idea was born as I was thinking about all the great outfits I see every day and every week by my favorite celebrities and bloggers, and how some of them are really memorable. If you're following me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I very often share such inspiring outfit photos. So, I thought that it would be also a great idea to share them on the blog, and I've decided to create a new rubric for every Monday- the 5 best dressed celebrities and bloggers for the past week! What's better than starting the new week with some great fashion inspiration? And here's to all my dear fashionistas always looking for inspiration and beauty, just like me! In this rubric I'm going to share the best outfits that I saw the past week worn by celebrities or bloggers. I'm also mentioning the style, colours and trends that they're wearing.
This Monday, I've picked five amazing and really inspirational ladies and their trendy outfits. And here's who they are:

Nina Dobrev

style: cute girly
colours: blue, pink, gold
trend: two matching parts, cropped top, sharp shoes

 photo 10637835_685734438161375_642091037_n_zps86dc24f3.jpg

  Taylor Swift

style: ladylike
colours: blue, pink, light purple
trend: two matching parts, cropped top, sharp shoes

 photo 10647799_10203778080765585_774046349_n_zps65e6444f.jpg

Kristina Bazan

style: casual
colours: black, white, blue
trend: ripped leather pants, all black and white, fashionably simple

 photo webb_ktr_0334_zps59dbd1cf.jpg

Selena Gomez

style: ladylike + edgy
colours: white, black, gold
trend: lace romper, edgy sandals

 photo 10622364_685734344828051_1327727971_n_zps3da4da4d.jpg


style: elegant, ladylike
colours: pink, white
trend: long dress with two splits in front, sharp shoes

 photo 906630_10152382633146312_813242244888062901_o_zps767adaa1.jpg
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