Jan 25, 2015

The Warwick Castle

 photo 10941779_10204880222598442_1294381569_n_zpsy5moxaun.jpg
Royal experiences in England

I'm a fan of castles and in England you can find plenty of them. The feeling you have while walking in such place is incredible, you imagine all important people who have lived there and how old is this place and it's pretty exciting. I remember the first time when I went to Versailles in France and I was touching most of the doors and thinking "probably Louis XIV have touched that door too", haha. I'm also a big fan of the furniture and everything inside these places- I really love the lush baroque style. Many people say that it's "too much", but I really love it.

Jan 22, 2015

Trends In Evening Dresses

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Look and feel good on every event

When it comes to special occasions, we always want to choose the perfect outfit in order to take the attention of everyone. We usually look good when we feel good and that's why it is really important that the dress must be beautiful but also comfortable in the same time. In this article, I'm going to show you the beautiful evening dresses of Rosanovias.com to give you some fresh and fashionable ideas. Going shopping for such dress can be really exhausting and stressful, sometimes you have to walk around shops with hours. Now, you have much easier options with the online shops.

Jan 19, 2015

London: First Impressions

 photo DSC_0089_zpse53ed54b.jpg

Wonderful city

London is one of those cities with which you just fall in love from a first sight- like Paris or Rome. The atmosphere is special and the vibe is positive- many people on the streets, the buildings are big and beautiful, many cute shops and those red phones and retro taxis are so unique. This city has it's own character and I love that. No matter how modern it is and how many people from all around the world are living there, London is keeping his charm and identity. 

Jan 17, 2015


 photo CSC_0285_zpsae2c1f81.jpg

Animal prints for Spring 

Animal prints are coming back to fashion this spring- leopard, snake and anything else you could think of. Wearing animal prints can be really tricky, because the border between fashionable and ridiculous is really thin. I'd say try not to mix different animal prints in one outfit and that might be just enough. It's also really important how the prints are made, for example I'm not a fan of the small leopard prints, they don't look good in my opinion. Anyway, I really loved this top and I think that this leopard print is really cool, do you agree with me?

Jan 15, 2015

It's My Birthday

 photo 10913679_10204823350256669_1149439351_n_zps29fdf7cc.jpg

Today I'm turning 23! The sun is shining, there are no snow storms and I couldn't be happier about it! I'm going to celebrate with my friends tonight, like I do every year- I love celebrating my birthdays, have fun with my closest friends and of corse receiving a lot of gifts! 

Jan 13, 2015


 photo DSC_0138_zpsb7b22d54.jpg

A touch of green

When I saw this green blouse I had to buy it. It's really cute and did a great job diversifying my all black outfit. The weather these days is a bit warmer and I can finally stop looking like a wrapped burrito while outside and wear some chic elements like my cape coat. There's something really fashionable and amazing about capes and I just love them. 

Jan 11, 2015

Mix Of Inspirational Photos

 photo 10609669_10204002520936449_7196121554762620299_n_zpsf249ad85.jpg

Fashion, lifestyle and everything inspiring 

It's been a while since my latest article with inspirational photos. But I'm now sharing with you nearly 40 photos that have impressed me the last few weeks.

Jan 9, 2015

Sunsets Are My Favorite Part Of The Day

 photo DSC_0114_zpscd7a4951.jpg
The magics of nature

There is no better end of the day than watching a great sunset. It's amazing what nature can do and I really love capturing this in my pictures. The landscape on these photos is beyond beautiful, I love the mixture of blue, orange, pink and purple in the sky. We always have such wonderful sunsets at this place in my home town Plovdiv and that's why I love visiting this place every time I go home. It's actually 2 minutes from my parents' house and I love this. 

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