Apr 15, 2014


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Focus on: Nude colors
I love wearing nude colors, they make the outfit look so elegant and feminine. The other good thing about nude colors is that they're so unengaged- you can combine them with everything. This wonderful top is a must have in my wardrobe, I feel like I'm going to wear it a lot this summer, it's very ethereal and comfortable. Actually, it's pale pink, I don't know why in the photos it looks beige.

This wall with graffiti is perfect for a photoshoot, I really love the colorful photos we made- so fresh. I look at the graffiti as a form of art, but of corse when they're beautiful and interesting and they make the wall look fun and wonderful, I'm not talking about the random scribbles teenagers make. I know that, these exact graffiti are too crazy,with all those different big heads, but they're cool. Although, I'm not  a fan of the maxima "crazy is cool" when it comes to art and especially fashion, I mean I like more classical things, of corse with a big pinch of fashion and beauty!

Guys, I was thinking about making a video where I can share with you some stuff about me, because I never did one before, so if you want to ask me a question write it in the comment :)

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Random stranger gave me flowers :D
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top- Zara;
leggings- Zara;
shoes- Zara;
watch- Guess;

Apr 14, 2014


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Focus on: Inspirational quotes and pictures
I've decided to start the new week with this inspirational article, because in my opinion the key to happiness and success is the inspiration itself. I haven't shared with you any inspirational photos from a while and this time I'm decided to diversify the traditional "mix of inspirations" post, so I wrote some of my favorite quotes on the photos. The quotes are about many things that I love- fashion, life, the beach, friendship, love- I'm sure that there's at least one that defines you. Check them out and tell me which one is your favorite, I'm really interested! 
I wish you guys a successful and amazing week, full of inspiration!

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 photo 917484_709142969107160_1718179141_n_zps9ad53983.jpg
 photo e53b7c8088ce11e388c2122b5091b684_8_zps660f7360.jpg
 photo 050ea9d48d8d11e3a9810ebdd4ba5cf5_8_zpsaaccd004.jpg
 photo 1743072_612186755532854_1975610447_n_zpse2f43cb5.jpg
 photo 798e0024bdcc11e3a8850002c9c785ce_8_zps3206090f.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-05at11958PM_zpse3762198.png
 photo 01f5100a8d1811e3a7900e59ad914808_8_zps691a2174.jpg
 photo f17fd210bc4b11e3ae5a0002c99cbb0a_8_zps842c3d88.jpg
 photo 2c59d1249a5511e39d81128c03b90371_8_zps2e9d7046.jpg
 photo 489719fea78f11e39b0d1291fd40f4c7_8_zps79aca18f.jpg
 photo e2c5ce0498de11e3a8361295d7aa257a_8_zps8f11587f.jpg
 photo 1922013_751987668152620_1337206579_n_zps17cf6c73.jpg
 photo 86637dccb83311e3abd41217141a8bf7_8_zps09c94779.jpg
 photo 4dd33024b53b11e39495120644a0a804_8_zps21cc9462.jpg
 photo 1889395_474450512661045_523782228_n_zpseaf19f2b.jpg
 photo e95ba568b2e211e3a44612995309b341_8_zps33f80401.jpg
 photo 10005584_1432893466952141_1967763279_n_zpsd543d14f.jpg
 photo 26ed6e46ab9211e388c612b8b9818b0a_8_zps2cbd51e0.jpg

photos- Instagram @bentrovatomag

Apr 11, 2014

Black&White + Blue

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Focus on: Black&White pants
There's something really special about these kind of pants- they can make your look absolutely fashionable. I found these adorable pants in Zara, their spring collection is pure magic. I love combining the back and white pants with colorful top, like this blue shirt- that way the outfit looks fresher and perfect for Spring. 

These days some flu is trying to catch me but I'm fighting it with everything possible and I'm not going to let it take over my body. Or I hope so. I'm in a vacation from the university, because of the upcoming Easter and I don't want some stupid flu to ruin it. Anyway, I don't think it's something serious, but not being able to eat ice cream and drink cold drinks in the first sunny Spring days is a punishment, don't you think so?

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 photo DSC_0667_zpsc985610b.jpg
 photo DSC_0591_zps089b89a7.jpg
 photo DSC_0577_zps3cfd66ef.jpg
 photo DSC_0542_zps013483cb.jpg
 photo DSC_0604_zps69d8bf23.jpg
 photo DSC_0633_zps51ee177b.jpg

pants- Zara;
shirt- Taily Weijl (old);
watch- Guess;
earrings- Swarovski;
bag- Celine;
shoes- Michel;

Apr 9, 2014

Jeremy Scott For Moschino iPhone Case

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Focus on: Moschino iPhone case
Finally! Since the very first time I saw this fun iPhone case, from the collection of Jeremy Scott for Moschino, I wanted it! It's really cool, isn't it? Sometimes I'm jealous of the wardrobe of my iPhone- it has so many outfits and all of them are wonderful :D But this McDonald's case is just too cool. It was really fun the other day, when I was taking a part of an event in the university and I was wearing elegant women suit and holding this phone, people were watching me strange, but anyway, I don't pay much attention on them.

Many people are asking me "Aren't you feeling hungry the whole time, watching this case?", haha well, no actually. Yes, it reminds me of McDonald's but as I'm trying to stay super healthy, I just turned off the possibility of indulging with junk food. Well, I must confess that I'm a huge fan of food, I mean food is such an important part of my life, seriously! I'm a good cook and I love cooking, but I really don't have the time to do it more than once a week. The reason is that I leave the house early in the morning and I come back in the evening and then I go to the gym. As I'm not a morning person, I just can't wake up at 6 and start the day at the gym, so I have to go at night. When I come back at 10 p.m. from the gym, you can understand that I'm not going to start cooking and I also don't have the desire to go out every night in order to eat somewhere. So, thank God there's FoodPanda!  Whoever  has invented the option of ordering food from restaurants at home is genius! I love ordering food from FoodPanda because there's such a huge variety of restaurants and different food. Anything you want, salad, pizza, pasta, sushi, desert, anything from your favorite restaurants! It's possible to stay healthy by ordering a big salad or anything else that's "real food" even if you don't have time to cook or go out, instead of grabbing some fast food on the way. FoodPanda exist in many countries, so if it's available at your place and you haven't tried it, you guys should definitely check it out. It will change your life! Now they also have a mobile app, which makes the things even easier.

P.S. I'm super happy that my blog has reached 1000 followers, thank you guys, you're the best! :)

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 photo DSC_1195_zpse6e83b02.jpg
 photo DSC_1082_zps44484701.jpg
 photo DSC_1162_zpsa9515bbb.jpg
 photo DSC_1153_zps4f2fdbf4.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2014-04-09at101528AM_zps3711ea18.png

t-shirt- Bershka;
skirt- Taily Weijl;
iPhone case- Moschino;
watch- Guess;
earrings- Swarovski;

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