Dec 21, 2014

My Latest Few Weeks

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Puppies And Food

These Instagram photos represent the last two-three weeks of my life- it's all about puppies and food haha! First, to explain that these gorgeous sweet fluffy balls that got really famous on my Facebook page, unfortunately are not mine. Their breed is akita and if you have watched the movie "Hachiko", which I recommend you, Hachiko is the same breed. These dogs are really smart and playful, I fell in love with them. I've always wanted to have a dog, but I don't really have time for it right now, so maybe in the future I might consider taking such lovely puppy. A few hours with these loves made me really happy and this happiness was holding me the whole day.

Dec 19, 2014

The Shopaholic’s Survival Guide

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Whether you are jetting off to London, Paris, Milan or Dubai the globetrotting every shopper needs to be well prepared to go into bargain battle. Here are some of the top items you’ll need when getting your fashion fix in a new city.

Dec 18, 2014

Leopard Coat

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…and ripped jeans and leather

And of corse me felling absolutely experimental with this outfit that doesn't look like any of mine. But I did enjoy it! This faux fur coat is very warm and can really diversify your outfit, by making it more fancy. And about my accessories these leather boots and bag totally rock the outfit! I'm in love with ripped jeans but unfortunately, I'm not able to wear them anymore as the weather is really cold.

Dec 15, 2014

Chic Evening And Prom Dresses

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The best dress for your special occasion

Just two days ago I went to a Christmas party, and I was looking for the perfect elegant long dress on a good price for days. It was really exhausting going around shops and trying on all these long dresses. Next time I'm seriously considering online shopping for special occasions! In this article, I'd like to show you one really amazing online shop for such dreamy dresses. aims to provide every girl with the most complete size range, the best high quality materials on great prices!

Dec 11, 2014

Old Town

 photo CSC_0490_zps648850ec.jpg

This coat is my best friend

Well, yes, this coat really feels like my best friend- it's so warm and comfortable and looks really stylish and fashionable in the same time. It's for sure my favorite coat, and I have quite a collection. This is how my winter outfits look recently- dark pants, leggings or jeans, some interesting top and my beige coat. 

Dec 10, 2014

Designer Swimsuits From Sunbain

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Unique Luxury Swimsuits- Collection 2015

I've already mentioned how much I love being surrounded by water and I feel even better when I'm in it. The beach is definitely my favorite place in the world and if you are following my blog you might have noticed that I spend almost the whole summer there. At winter, I usually visit the SPA and some pools, because I love swimming and I can't wait until next summer. Well, given that passion of mine, I shouldn't mention how much swimsuits I own. I like making a statement even on the beach or the pool. But, it usually turns out that finding the perfect swimsuit is not the easiest task. Some bikini look good on the hanger, but when you try them on, they don't look as good on your body. In this article, I'm going to show you some really hot and unique designer swimsuits you can easily order online!

Dec 4, 2014

Casual Winter Chic

 photo CSC_0173_zpsd3fe062f.jpg

Casual classic look

The bad thing (one of the bad things) about winter is that the day is really short. I don't know how is in your part of the globe, but here at 5 o'clock is already dark. I usually take the photos for the blog at the weekends and I can hardly organize early in the morning, well not all 3, 4 or 5 looks I planned to shoot. I'm not a morning person, especially at the weekend. And that's why at winter you are going to see some of my looks in the dark. Like these today, it seems like we have taken them at night, when in fact it was like 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening. 

Dec 3, 2014

Fairy Dresses By Weddingshe

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The perfect dress for your special occasion

Dress beautiful for a special occasion is what every girl wants. The dress plays an important role and we all know that. Now with the upcoming holidays, Christmas and New Years Eve, we are going to have some parties and events to attend. And if you have a little time and can't find anything in the shops, which is also very exhausting, you can look online. The major advantage is that by staying at home in front of your computer, you can select a nice evening dress. is an online store for such dreamy and incredible stylish dresses in any theme or color scheme. 

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