Dec 27, 2011


I actually took these photos in September on my sister's wedding in Italy. However, I created my blog in October and I totally forgot about those beautiful photos! The wedding was magical and very beautiful, the bridesmaids didn't have to wear identical dresses. And I know that may sound strange to some people but that was the first wedding I went to!! Hah I don't know why people around me aren't getting married?? I enjoy weddings!And I may be a fashionable girl but when we talk about weddings, I'm a traditionalist. I believe in marriage and I think that more people have to get married! I don't understand why someone should be scared of it, well, we live in 21st century-if it doesn't work, there are divorces too! :D And, yes I'm a full traditionalist about weddings,  I may like and encourage extravagant outfits, but the bride has to be dressed in long, white dress!! :)

What do you think about marriage? Do you agree with me?



  1. wow you look soo pretty in the outfit..ermm i agree that it should be white but i think can be any stlye/length...soo ya i was wondering why it was soo sunny it was in september^^ and the foods look great..

  2. Love the outfit!thank you for visiting my blog!
    I'll follow you, maybe you follow me?

  3. great dress. love the lace!!


  4. you look beautiful in that dress. xx sylvie

  5. Gah! I looove it! and your hair?! it's beautiful!

    found the route

  6. I love your dress !!you love soo pretty

  7. I really like your dress, Marta. You're pretty with a black and white ensemble. Your shoes completed the gorgeous look too. My friend is getting married next year. She found some stylish and affordable wedding dresses in an online shopping website. I hope she'll pick a black and white bridal gown.


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