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Martina Manolcheva is half Bulgarian half Italian girl, currently blogging from Sofia, Bulgaria. Born on the 15th of January 1992, her obsession with fashion occured at really young age. While growing up Martina was constatly surrounded by fashion magazines that her mother used to buy, starring at the beautiful models from the pages, she first dreamed to become a model. By growing up she realized that she actually wants to be on the other side of the glamorous fashion business. Working for a fashion magazine like Vogue was her dream main gol.

Martina founded Marta’s Fashion Diary in October 2011- a blog for personal style, fashion inspiration, travel and photography. The blog is now one of the most influental blogs in Bulgaria with a huge interst from the USA and Western Europe- Italy, France, UK, Spain. Marta’s Fashion Diary collaborates with different brands and online shops and it’s a great place for advertising, because of the many loyal readers and also new readers who visit the blog everyday.  

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